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What Triggers Neuropathy?

The peripheral nerves constitute a complex network that connects the spinal cord and the brain to other organs. It connects them to the skin, muscles, and internal organs. The nerves arrange themselves in lines or dermatomes as they extend from the spinal cord. Therefore, damage to a nerve may affect several dermatomes in specific areas of the body.

Do You Have to Be a Certain Age to See a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic care has grown quite popular with adults in the last few decades. People use it to manage back and neck pain, chronic conditions, as well as other sources of pain and discomfort. Furthermore, it helps prevent injury and improve range of motion, overall wellness, and flexibility. 

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Neuropathy?

About 20 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of neuropathy. That is according to National Health Institute estimates. Fortunately, the ever-changing treatment approaches make this condition more bearable. One such approach is chiropractic care for neuropathy. It is changing the way people perceive this chronic condition.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Your Newborn to the Chiropractor?

Childbirth can have a significant impact on the body of a newborn baby. They can get a misaligned spine that might cause various other conditions. A misaligned spine can cause difficulty with breastfeeding, asthma, and digestive issues. A skilled pediatric chiropractor can assess these problems and develop a treatment plan.

Can a Chiropractor Treat Neuropathy?

Loss of sensation in your hands and feet, pain, and tingling are not signs of normalcy. Instead, these symptoms are representative of neuropathy. In some cases, a doctor may prescribe surgery. However, chiropractic care can provide significant improvements in the symptoms of neuropathy. In some cases, it proves to be effective in resolving the condition.

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