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What Are the Benefits of Taking Your Newborn to the Chiropractor?

Did you know that a newborn baby can experience musculoskeletal complications after childbirth?

Childbirth can have a significant impact on the body of a newborn baby. They can get a misaligned spine that might cause various other conditions. A misaligned spine can cause difficulty with breastfeeding, asthma, and digestive issues. A skilled pediatric chiropractor can assess these problems and develop a treatment plan.

Chiropractic care is safe for newborns, even within the first few weeks. The pediatric chiropractor has the training to use gentle pressure to make spinal adjustments. These adjustments help the body heal by itself. They also restore the functionality of the nervous system. Also, chiropractic care can boost immunity and enhance body functions.

Here are some of the significant benefits of taking your newborn to a chiropractor.


Supports Physical Development

The body of a newborn child undergoes many changes within short periods. For example, their neck and lower back start to curve as they learn to lift their head and sit. Proper alignment is essential for this curvature to develop correctly. It is necessary for good physical development.

A chiropractor can adjust your child’s spine to develop significant curvature. Early chiropractic care is vital to developing proper posture for a newborn child. It is also an excellent boost for their health.


It Boosts Post-birth Recovery

The process of birth can have a negative impact on the nervous system of a newborn child. Pediatric chiropractic care will focus on targeted adjustments. These adjustments will correct issues with the nerves and reduce strain and tension.

A well-aligned system means that other conditions will not occur as your child continues to grow. Usually, nerve dysfunction can result in breathing and sleeping difficulties and reflux.


Eliminates Colic Symptoms

Studies link colic symptoms to an underdeveloped gastrointestinal system. This can result in indigestion and gas buildup. If left unattended, the gas may cause bloating and pain because it is trapped in the gut.

When the doctor diagnoses your child with colic, you can see a pediatric chiropractor. A chiropractor will perform adjustments and gentle manipulations focusing on the nervous system. These manipulations will prompt the nerves of the intestines to boost peristalsis. This will help push gas and liquid through them.


It Enhances the Immune System

The spine of a child directly impacts their immune system. A misalignment of the spine can cause significant problems with the nervous system. It can disrupt the nerve pathways, affecting the state of the immune system.

Gentle adjustments can increase the flow of nutrients to the central nervous system. This will, in turn, boost the production of disease-fighting cells. Consequently, it will have a direct impact on the health of their immune system.


It Calms Them Down

A child may be fussy and restless because of mechanical restrictions on their spine. These can lead to other conditions like lack of sleep and headaches. Correcting the spine can eliminate these conditions. It will allow the child to become more relaxed and calmer.

For more benefits of taking your newborn to the chiropractor, visit Greater Nashville Health Institute at our office in Gallatin, Tennessee. You can also call (615) 583-4006 to book an appointment today.

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